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Moving To Work (MTW)

1. MTW overview

The Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority’s (LDCHA) Moving to Work (MTW) Demonstration is a special program approved by the federal government intended to move families to work, create more housing choice, and reduce federal subsidy for housing assistance.  The Lawrence program is designed to provide greater housing benefits for working families than traditional subsidized housing programs through combining a value-based fixed rent structure in an affordable range with definitions of countable income and allowances.

2. Rent structure:

The MTW project features a rent structure that removes income as the only factor in setting rent and adds market value to the rent determination formula.  It establishes annual minimum and maximum rents by bedroom size.  It requires all able-bodied adults to work.

3. Work, community service, family self-sufficiency requirements:

All adults must work at least 15 hours per week or participate in the LDCHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency Service Works Program for 15 hours per week.  Tenants already working, going to school (high school, GED class, vo. tech., and college) or in a job-training program, already meet the work requirement.  Information about school attendance and employment training programs is collected when assistance is offered and at annual recertifications.

Job search, skills enhancement, employment training and other services are available to all LDCHA program participants through the Resident Services office at 1600 Haskell Ave, Apt. 187, phone 785-842-1533.

Information about the national demonstration program is available here.

The LDCHA's Moving to Work Agreement and Extension are here.