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Our Objective

The Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority's main objective is to be good stewards of the housing programs it is charged with managing and administering. Primary to this is the sound management, maintenance and preservation of its public housing inventory according to the highest standards of the housing industry while at the same time providing responsible and responsive assistance to those we serve.

We are committed to serving all our residents, participants, and the public  in a manner consistent with the principles of  respect, fairness and equity. We are dedicated to insuring that the policies and practices we follow foster both resident responsibility and program integrity. We recognize and seek to balance our duty and responsibility to our residents, our property and the public trust.

It is the policy of the LDCHA to comply with all Federal, State and local nondiscrimination laws and to operate in accordance with the rules and regulations governing Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity in housing and employment. Specifically, the LDCHA shall not, on account of race, color, sex, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, age, family or marital status, handicap or disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity deny any family or individual the opportunity to apply for or receive assistance from any program under its administration.

The Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority was formed through the merger of the Lawrence Housing Authority, created in 1968, and The Douglas County Housing Authority, created in 1983. Although separate entities, both agencies previously functioned under the umbrella of the Lawrence Housing Authority.

 With the formal merger, effective in 2001, the LDCHA was granted the powers to plan, construct, maintain, operate and manage low rent housing developments in Lawrence and Douglas County; to enter into contracts with local, state and federal governments for funds to construct, acquire, or provide housing and housing assistance for the low income, and to enter into public-private partnerships and joint ventures, including the creation of a not-for-profit organization, in order to secure funds and contracts for affordable housing development.

 The LDCHA is responsible for the operations and management of 369 units of public housing built between 1972 and 1995, located in the city of Lawrence, and the administration of 591 Section 8 and 62 HOME assisted units, located throughout the county including the city of Lawrence.  The agency provides housing and housing assistance to over 1,300 households.

 The LDCHA is governed by a five-member commission, three appointed by the Mayor of Lawrence and two by the Chairman of the Douglas County Commission. Day-to-day operations are managed by an executive director who is responsible for the administration of seven departments: General Housing, Program and Property Management, Senior Housing, Maintenance, Capitol Improvements, Resident Services and Administration.  The LDCHA currently employs 42 staff.